An FPS/TPS PVP game made using Unity with UNET as the networking solution. This project was the Thesis for my Master’s in Informatics at the University of Piraeus (2019).

This  project contains the following features/ gameplay loop:

  • Account creation (register/login) with data tracking(kills/assists/deaths).
  • Lobby creation-join and character selection(4 different soldier classes).
  • The players select their team and class and start the match. The game mode is a PVP team deathmatch, the team with the most kills wins.
  • The players have a weapon and a gadget different for each class.
  • The players have health points and can inflict damage on other players with their weapons or gadgets.
  • The players can run, sprint, jump, crouch and go prone. The camera can be toggled between first person and third person.
  •  There is a minimap indicating the location of nearby players and a scoreboard the players can look at to check the score.
  • The player can change the attachments of his weapons and swap optics and laser attachments that suit him better.
  • The map contains ammunition crates which the player uses to refill his weapons.
More can be found in the Thesis document.